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Famous Honeymoon Spots in Udaipur | Honeymoon Tours Kerala

Famous Honeymoon Spots in Udaipur

In Udaipur, two famous palaces attract couples to stay and enjoy the royal era of Rajasthan. The two palaces are Monsoon Palace and the City Palace in Udaipur. Each palace is famous for different attractions. The first palace to be visited is the City Palace. City Palace is the famous palace in Udaipur and it is ideal for couples to enjoy the experience the royalty and architectural style of the palace. The major attraction of this palace is not one because it was divided into different Villas, chowk, Mahals, and a Museum.

City Palace, Udaipur

The major attractions of this Palace are Sheesh Mahal, Amar villas, Fateh Prakash Palace, City Palace museum etc. Different fountains, gardens, towers, and terraces in this palace make beautiful and memorable moments for couples. The famous couple spot in City Palace is the Fateh Prakash Palace terraces for a beautiful sunset in the backdrop of Aravalli range. All these attractions of City Palace attract couples to visit this Palace.


Another famous palace is the Monsoon Palace. This palace is the best place for the panoramic view of Udaipur. Mostly couples enjoy the environment and presence of the palace with a beautiful sanctuary and architectural attractions. A wide variety of birds and creatures will entertain in this palace. Couples can go for a safari ride into the sanctuary. The Fateh Sagar Lake can be viewed directly from here and it is the best sightseeing moment for couples. Many attractions in this palace admire the couples to stay for a long time in this palace.

Sheesh Mahal, Udaipur

Lake Pichola is the best place for couples with a romantic view of Lake. When you visit this place never forget to visit and stay in Lake Palace by Taj. This is another attraction and the best hotel for couples to stay. Couples can go for a boat ride in Lake Pichola or can spend a lonely time near the lake with your partner. Gulabh Bagh is another attraction for couples because it was home for thousands of variety roses. All these attractions in Udaipur attract couples in a large number for honeymoon trips.

Activities for Couples in Udaipur

As we know “The City of Lakes” never forget to go for a boat ride in Pichola Lake. Paragliding also available for couples in Udaipur for an adventurous moment in their life and camel safari etc. The best resorts and hotels for couples are Fateh Prakash Palace, Taj Lake Palace, Hotel Udai Kothi etc. Honeymoon trip to Udaipur will give a royal touch to the lovable couple.

Famous Honeymoon Spots in Udaipur | Honeymoon Tours Kerala
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