Kerala – The Land of Ayurveda & Science of Life


Ayurveda, a Sanskrit word made from two words ‘Ayur’ means ‘life’ and ‘Veda’, means ‘knowledge’. Ayurveda is a science of life that advises you how to live life by maintaining equilibrium among the body, mind and soul. It is a treatment which helps in detoxifying and rejuvenates the body and builds resistance to fight against any disease. kerala honeymoon packages

Kerala is also known as the Land of Ayurveda, where many number of travelers visit for different ayurvedic treatments from around the world. By availing a Kerala Ayurveda Tour, one can experience the true life of Ayurveda. Only place where hundreds of resorts offer different Ayurveda treatments along with local known Ayurveda centers around which provides international class treatments and services. Kerala is the only place suitable for Ayurveda treatments for its collection of Ayurveda herbs and other plants of medicinal importance. kerala honeymoon packages

While on Kerala Ayurveda Tour, travelers can do other sightseeing in & around including a visit to the major sightseeing locations. As we are aware, Kerala is one of the most sought destinations for its scenic beautiful beaches, spice plantations including tea, waterfalls, backwaters & hill stations. kerala honeymoon packages

Ayurvedic packages are designed in such a way that it provides travelers an option to avail several treatments to refresh their mind, body and soul. These treatments are popular for its unique style of healing. A particular disease is not treated in the process but the whole body in total. The treatment is a personalized & professional approach in which immunity, happiness, longevity and peace of mind are restored by balancing the irregularities of body mechanisms.

As stated above, the popularity of Kerala Ayurvedic Resorts and centers are world known for its state of the art facilities and infra structure. Hospitality is the major factor in these places where travelers will not get a feeling that they are undergoing a treatment. All Ayurvedic resorts and centers have an Ayurvedic doctor along with a good team to do treatments like pizhichil, rejuvenation massages, general massages etc. Do not approach a local Ayurveda center directly as the necessary approvals should be in place to have correct treatments.

A lot of travelers prefer Kerala Ayurveda Holidays to learn the art of long living by maintaining equilibrium among the body, mind and soul. All approved Kerala Ayurvedic Resorts & Centers are known for their state of art amenities and well trained practitioners. For more information on exclusive Kerala Ayurvedic Holidays, you can get in touch with us by mail/website.

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Munnar – An all time favourite destination for honeymooners & leisure travellers!

Munnar 2

The actual never ending field involving sprawling tea & spice plantations, pristine valleys, picture book towns, rich green mountains, talkative waterfalls and also incredible flora & fauna make Munnar some sort of breathtakingly stunning location in your Kerala travel. This particular enchanting destination is located at a high altitude of 6,000 feet above sea level and in Idukki District, Kerala. Every traveler visiting Kerala would love to be in Munnar for its spotless beauty & lovely ambiance involving kinetics. Besides the lovely cause involving kinetics, Munnar as a destination is popular for venture sporting activities like paragliding, hiking, walking etc. Few of the major sightseeing locations in & around Munnar are as follows – kerala honeymoon packages


The real mystic beauty including running valleys, rich green mountains, rolling grass-lands and also unlimited expand out including herbal tea & spice plantations, coffee etc. ask results involving tourists to visit Pothanmedu. Pothanmedu is one of the many spots in your Munnar Tour where travelers can experience the dotted attraction including characteristics at its best. With the specialties like the actual rugged mountain tops with rugged coves make this location suitable for long mountain walks and trekking. kerala honeymoon packages


One of the great enthralling destinations located at a distance of 7km from Munnar town. Ideal spot to use your cameras at its best to click the rich green sprawling tea plantations like green velvet, flora & fauna, pond etc. During winters, the misty fog covers this mountain totally. Nearby attraction including Sita Devi Pond is quite famous among the travelers for sport-fishing kind of activities. kerala honeymoon packages

Eravikulam National Park:

16km from Munnar and bigger than Rajamala mountains, this place has its actual unbelievable libraries including few species which are only seen in this area like, Nilgiri Tahr. Founded in the year 1975 this wildlife park has been reserved for this particular Atlas Moth. Not the common species of bacteria alone, leopards, tigers, langurs, and lion tailed macaques can also be sighted here.

Anamudi Peak:

Located within the Eravikulam National Park, this peak stands at 2700m. Trekking to the peak is possible after obtaining necessary permissions from Wildlife Authorities.


13km from Munnar and situated at an altitude of 1700m, this particular destination is ideal for nature lovers. This place offers many eye catching sights to relish. In addition to the sprawling green tea plantations and grasslands, the forest area in and around Mattupetty are suitable for trekking and adventurous activities and bird watching. The beautiful lake at this height and the Dam are nearby attractions where one could do boating.

More areas which are of tourist importance include Pallivasal, Chinnakanal, Top Station, Tea Museum etc. are also located in Munnar.

An ideal space for tourists especially for those who are planning for honeymoon, Munnar is the best in terms of weather, scenery, beauty etc. Tourists who want to feel this speckled appeal prefer to visit Munnar during their Kerala tour as those who visit Munnar won’t leave this place so quickly. That’s how Munnar became a world renowned tourist destination.

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