Terms & Conditions

Who are we?

“We”, “us” and “our” in our contract implies Honeymoon Tours Kerala, which is a private restricted organization. Enlisted in Swathi, NMC 5/567, Maruthoor, Neyyattinkara, Trivandrum. Pin: 695 121. Kerala. India.

Our contract with you

Our contract with you is intended to secure your hobbies; it implies you’ll generally get a reasonable arrangement when you book your vacation with Honeymoon Tours Kerala.

Your vacation booking

You can book the vacations and take up the offers publicized in site and handout in the event that they are still accessible. There may be different confinements on a few offers; however these are clarified in the subtle elements of those offers. You will need to pay an advance when you make the booking. By doing this, we are confirming the booking on the terms of this Contract. In the event that you book for a GIT then you acknowledge the terms of this Contract in the interest of the GIT. Next, we will send you a holiday Invoice to check the subtle elements of your vacation booking. In the event that you are booking for a GIT, you are eventually in charge of paying the holiday invoice despite the fact that, by booking for the benefit of the group, you are speaking to that each one & acknowledges that they are bound by this contract. On the off chance that any point of interest on the Holiday Invoice is not right, please intimate us instantly.

Your vacation cost

All costs in this leaflet are precise at the site/handout dispatch date, yet we maintain whatever authority is needed to change any of those costs occasionally. Costs can go up or down. Your Holiday Advisor will have the capacity to let you know the forward cost of your picked holiday and of whatever other administrations promoted in the site/leaflet before affirming your booking. You would need to just pay the cost demonstrated right now of time in our pamphlet regardless of the possibility that there are switches that surfaces at later purpose of time.

On the off chance that we change your vacation

We trust that we won’t need to roll out any improvement to your vacation in light of the fact that your holidays are arranged numerous months ahead of time. We at times do need to present changes in defense of unforeseen circumstances. We maintain all authority to do this whenever. We will tell you about any paramount changes when you book. In the event that you have effectively busy, we will tell you when we can, if there is time before your flight. On the off chance that we let you know about any of these progressions after we have affirmed your booking, you can either acknowledge these new plans or acknowledge a substitution holiday from us of proportional or nearly comparable standard and cost, if one is accessible. We would take proposal from you about the amended date of fly out and attempt to suit for a reexamined holiday. If not, we would discount the sum paid by you less the regulatory expense brought about in booking inns and different offices.

On the off chance that we wipe out your vacation

Our point is to give your vacation as busy. Anyhow if, for instance, there is strike or non-accessibility because of unforeseen condition, we may cross out it. We maintain all authority to wipe out your vacation in those circumstances. On the off chance that we drop your vacation, you can either have a discount or acknowledge a substitution holiday from us of equal or nearly comparable standard and cost, (if one is accessible) beginning from date of your proposal. We would discount everything paid by in the event that we wipe out the booking.

Changes from named stay for lodgings and properties

We claim all authority to change to settlement from the named one in the beginning affirmation to another one. Honeymoon Tours Kerala at normal interims screens the administrations offered by the lodgings and different properties focused around client criticism. This would bring about change of properties from the starting concurred one. We would dependably attempt to suit in a comparative class of property as at first arranged. In the event that the class of lodging is superior to the at first busy inn/property, Honeymoon Tours Kerala claims all authority to transform you for the same. In the event that the inn standard is short of what at first busy property, Honeymoon Tours Kerala would pay you back the distinction sum.

Changes to your flights

Honeymoon Tours Kerala right now does not assume liability for flights of clients. On account of progress in the flight plan from the introductory one, you have to intimate us sufficiently ahead of time. We would attempt to suit the change the extent that this would be possible. Honeymoon Tours Kerala maintain whatever authority is needed to dislike the overhauled date of travel is there are issues in re- affirming the lodgings/properties and transport offices. In the event of accessibility Honeymoon Tours Kerala would change an authoritative charge of 100 USD for each of the itinerary. You additionally need to pay the sum acquired as distinction from the introductory cost for any lodging settlement and travel charges.

Imperative note – holidays outside our ability to control

Holidays outside our ability to control include: war, risk of war, uproars, common unsettling influences, terrorist movement, mechanical debate, regular and atomic catastrophes, fire, scourges, wellbeing dangers, specialized issues with transport outside our ability to control or that of our suppliers, shut or congested airplane terminals or ports, tropical storms and other real or potential serious climate conditions, and some other comparable holidays. For these situations Honeymoon Tours Kerala does not hold obligation of crossing out of holiday itineraries.

Our obligation regarding your vacation

We will mastermind you to get the administrations that make up the holiday that you pick and that we affirm. These administrations will be given either straightforwardly by us or by autonomous suppliers shrunk by us. We are in charge of verifying that each one piece of the holiday you book with us is given to a sensible standard and as depicted. In the event that any piece of your vacation is not given as depicted and this crown jewels your vacation, we will pay you suitable sum. This is liable to the protests under thought. We maintain all authority to dislike any cases focused around the way of protestation. We have taken all sensible consideration to verify that all the administrations which make up the holidays promoted by us, or which structure journeys accessible from our agents, are given by productive and respectable organizations. These organizations ought to take after the neighborhood and national laws and regulations of the nation where they are given.

Paying for your vacation

Further to data on the accessibility of a given visit itinerary the visit can be busy, on the off chance that it is consistently busy 3 months before the date of travel, 25% of the aggregate cost needs to be paid through one of the accompanying choices.

1. Demand Draft

2. Cheque


4. Credit Card

We would recognize receipt of the installment by email/ mail. The visit itinerary is affirmed just after receipt of the sum. You would be furnished with an exceptional visit id for the particular itinerary alongside a point by point visit agenda, agenda of key things and other significant subtle elements.

The last 75% of the installment need to be made no less than 08 weeks or 02 months preceding the date of travel.

The itinerary is esteemed as acknowledged by HONEYMOON TOURS KERALA just on getting everything of the visit itinerary. On the off chance that the itinerary is busy short of what 2 months preceding the date of travel, 100% of the installment needs to be made inside and out. Affirmation of the installment and an itemized agenda would then be sent by email.

Your stay

The stay we orchestrate you should just be utilized by those individuals named on your Holiday Invoice (or on any Final Invoice issued). You are not permitted to impart the settlement or let any other person stay there.

On the off chance that you change your booking

On the off chance that you need to change any points of interest of your booking, (for example, changing to an alternate lodging or changing your takeoff date or airplane terminal) or to cross out a discretionary additional you have busy, we will try our hardest to offer assistance. Unless we concur generally when you book your vacation, the first individual named on the booking must let us know about any progressions which need to be made. We charge a ‘correction expense’ for every individual named on the booking and for each one point of interest of the booking which you change. On the off chance that you roll out the improvement more than 12 prior weeks takeoff, the charge will be 100 USD every Package. In the event that you roll out the improvement inside 12 weeks of flight, the alteration expense will be 150 USD.

The cost of your new holiday game plans will be focused around the costs that apply on the day you request the change. These costs may not be the same as when you busy your vacation.

A few sorts of stay, (for example, flats, or inn rooms with decreases for three grown-ups) are evaluated as indicated by the quantity of individuals staying there. On the off chance that your booking changes in light of the fact that somebody in your gathering wipes out, we will recalculate your vacation expense focused around the new number of individuals going.

In the event that less individuals impart the stay, then the expense for them may go up. In the event that you are not able to take the holiday you have busy, you may amend your booking to someone else, gave you meet the accompanying conditions:

1. You must sign a correction/scratch-off structure approving us to make the amend.

2. The individual to whom you amend your booking must conform to all terms of the current booking.

3. That individual must sign a booking structure tolerating the amend and the terms of Our Contract.

4. We will charge an expense of 50 USD every individual if the amend is more than 12 prior weeks flight or 75 USD every individual if the amend is inside 12 Weeks (yet more than 14 days) of takeoff to take care of the expenses of transforming your amend. This will be added to the new Holiday Invoice issued to that individual.

5. You will stay in charge of the installment of any equalization on that new Holiday Invoice (or any Final Invoice issued) ought to that individual neglect to pay it;

6. You can’t amend a booking inside 14 days of takeoff date.

If its not too much trouble note: Name change, as well as takeoff time changes are not generally permitted by the aerial shuttle. Whilst we will try our hardest to change the subtle elements of the booking, please remember that most booked carriers treat name changes as a crossing out and charge appropriately. These charges will be passed on to you. When tickets have been issued, and now and again even before they have been issued, any progressions made to the ticket, including names or initials, will bring about your needing to pay for the wiped out ticket and purchase another ticket at full cost. If you don’t mind check with your travel specialists in regards to the same.

In the event that you drop your vacation

In the event that you wish to drop the visit itinerary, we have to be intimated no less than 3 weeks preceding planned day of travel. On the off chance that 100% of the sum is paid 70% of the sum will be repaid through the accompanying installment alternative.

1. Credit card

2. Cheque

3. Immediate Bank Transfer

You get the sum within one month from the date abrogation. On the off chance that you make the crossing out two months ahead of time of the date of travel, you will repaid half of the beginning (25%) of the installment made for the visit itinerary.

In all cases dropping would need to be intimated through E-mail/mail. The individual who made the booking must advise us about the undoing.

Everything can’t be repaid because of the operational expense acquired by Honeymoon Tours Kerala and for the beginning installments made to inns and different orgs for starting the visit itinerary.

On the off chance that you have a complaint

On the off chance that you have a complaint about your vacation, please tell your Local agent quickly. They have the ability to arrangement completely with your protest. It is dependably simpler to deal with things on the spot, when your Local delegate can see and comprehend the definite nature of the issue.

In the event that they can’t deal with things, they will solicit you to record subtle elements from the issue on an ‘holiday report’ structure and will provide for you a duplicate of the structure. You should likewise report the issue to the supplier of the administration you are whining about. In the event that your dissention was not dealt with abroad, you should then tail it up by composing our location or messaging us inside 28 days of coming back from your vacation. If you don’t mind compose your vacation reference number and the quantity of your vacation report structure on your letter, and incorporate your daytime and night phone numbers. It would be ideal if you submit any complaint within 28 days to permit it to be researched appropriately.

We will react to all protests inside 48 hours of receipt of the objection.

Troublesome Behaviors

We maintain whatever authority is needed to decline to acknowledge you as a client or keep managing you if your conduct is problematic or influences other holiday creators or is debilitating or harsh towards our staff or resort, on the phone, in composing or in individual. In such circumstances no discounts or payment will be paid to you.

Additional Terms

When you buy a visit itinerary please recall that, notwithstanding these terms, you will be liable to the terms and states of the outsider supplier, such a supplier could incorporate a visit administrator. It would be ideal if you get in touch with us about who will have the capacity to give those terms and conditions to you.

Any visa, international ID and immunization prerequisites are your obligation and disappointment to get the important documentation is not the obligation of Honeymoon Tours Kerala.

Terms & Conditions
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