Trivandrum is the capital city of Kerala and headquarters of Trivandrum District. It is located on the southernmost tip of India & on the west coast bounded by Arabian Sea on the west and neighboring state Tamil Nadu to the east. Bordered by the Western Ghats in the Eastern & few mesmerizing tourist spots in the North Eastern border. Besides a long coastal line, with internationally known beaches, historic places, backwaters, rivers and a pretty rich cultural & traditional heritage make Trivandrum a popular tourist location. Contribution of Tourism to this district economically has to be pointed out. Foreign nationals are flying down to Trivandrum by chartered flights for medical tourism including Ayurveda as most of the Ayurveda Centes in Kerala are located around Trivandrum such as Kovalam, Chowara, Poovar etc. Ayurveda treatments are very popular in the Western countries.

Trivandrum is also the head-quarters to many institutions & activities. Other than the temples, monuments & palaces which are examples of Kerala architecture, Trivandrum also house the observatories, technology & historical museums and galleries. The beaches in Trivandrum district, with rocky ledges and palms gives much charm to visitors experience and memory. Kappil, Vettaka Beaches with its long sandy shore which are connected to backwaters are perfect getaways for tourists. Doordarshan Kendra & Aakashvani are also headquartered here and ISRO (Space Research Organisation) & many more which gives Trivandrum it’s pride.

Anchuthengu Fort

– 36 kms from Trivandum

This colossal monument was once the trading station of the mighty English. The colossal monument built in the 1800’s stands as a right example of sturdy and lasting forts constructed in the British style.

Kuthiramalika Palace Museum

The museum has many brilliant sculptures, carvings and different collections that give tourists an idea of ancient “Travancore” and its history. Besides the amazing displays, the palace building itself is a sweet identity of ancient Kerala architecture.

Science & Technology Museum

This museum is a bit different from the other museums in Trivandrum district. The self-explanatory exhibitions and props all are highly informative as well as educative and helps tourists understand the evolution and importance of science. There are also several interactive exhibits and amusing working models within the museum.

Sankhumugham Beach

Located little away from Trivandrum International Airport, this beach is a breathtaking destination which has a potential space in most of the travel itineraries covering Trivandrum & Kovalam. The crystal clear waves at the beach and the smooth golden sand are specialties of this beach. Near to the beach, there is a park and could find a giant and magnificient structure of a mermaid, which is famous for evening visitors to this location. During different temple festivals, one could get to see the ritual of bathing temple idols in the same water.

Public Park

The huge area within the park includes Zoo, Botanical Gardens, Jogging tracks and the Observatory. The displays at these centres would be an added attraction to all tourists.


is famous for its beaches, among the most pristine in India. Kovalam is extremely popular among westerners due to shallow waters and low tidal waves. It is also one of the oldest tourist enclave in India, which known among tourist circuit right in 1930s. Kovalam shot into limelight in the early seventies with arrivals of the masses of hippies. That started the transformation of a casual fishing village of Kerala into one of the most important tourist destinations in all India- the Kovalam beach.


61 kms from Thiruvananthapuram

One of the magnificent hill station located at an altitude of 1100m above sea level, offers a beautiful view for tourists. Trekking, Visit to Deer Park, Zoo etc are other interesting activities available. Spotting Malabar Hornbills, in a nearby mini bird sanctuary are a paradise for bird watching enthusiasts. Many areas in this lovely high range are good to capture few shots using your professional camera. Green plantations including rubber, orchids & spice plantations like pepper, cardamom, tea etc offer many pretty & beautiful views.


Next to Kovalam, the Varkala Beach is another location suitable for a leisure trip. The long sandy shoreline with a cliff offers an irresistible view. A natural therapy centre is also located here which is very famous among the tourists from abroad. This is the only place in South Kerala where cliffs are found adjacent to the Arabian Sea. Geological Survey of India are quite aware of the cenozoic sedimentary formation cliffs and they have considered this as a unique geological feature. Many resorts including spas are also available around this area.


Kovalam is a popular destination for its beaches, which is one among the most pristine in the country. Kovalam is extremely famous in the Western Countries coz of the shallow waters and low tidal waves. Kovalam is also one of the oldest tourist enclaves in the country, which is known among tourist circuit dates back to 1930’s. Kovalam shot into limelight in the early 70’s with the arrivals of the masses of hippies which started the process of transforming a casual fishing village of God’s Own Country into one of the most sought after tourist spots in all India – the much known Kovalam beach.

Three beaches make Kovalam quite special, which has a 17km coastline.
A) Light House Beach, which is the southernmost is the most known among three. Hotels, restaurants, shopping areas etc are located in this stretch. Tourists staying in other parts of Kovalam often visit this beach for its beauty.
B) Leela Beach (also known as Samudra Beach or Main Beach) which is at the northernmost see crowds especially during weekends. Since there is a huge space for parking vehicles, buses plying through Kovalam stops here for a quick visit. Not much crowd can be seen during weekdays.
C) Hawa Beach which is located in between is one of the beaches in India where top-less sunbathing was tolerated and quite appreciated by the local crowd. Rescue services with life guards are provided by the Dept of Kerala Tourism at Light House Beach & Hawa Beach.

Age group between 40 & 60 years feel Kovalam similar to Goa due to the more relaxed environment, more laid back & the typical cuisines. As many itineraries suggest a relaxation on the beach as the sun works an exotic tan on your skin, is an experience in itself.

There are many ayurvedic centres including few spas around Kovalam offer many ayurvedic treatments with quick rejuvenation massages. Most of the resorts has live performances during evening hours like a Kathakali Show, Classical dance performances, DJ’s etc.

Koyikkal Palace

– 18 km from Trivandrum

One among the famous palaces located in Kerala. This beautiful palace dates back to the 15th Century. It basically shows the volumes about the sensibility & luxury that are always concurrent in Travancore royal architecture. The palace is a tribute to the architecture, sculpture and craftsmanship of that period.

Napier Museum

This museum is also a collector’s paradise in Trivandrum. Lot many amazing and wonderful metal objects which includes lamps, ornaments, mirrors etc. and different varieties of traditional Kerala typical costumes including the attires which form part of ancient traditional art forms and performances are displayed here. Another section of the museum includes models and objects, which are best examples of ancient Kerala architecture.

Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple

The temple is probably the most significant attraction in Trivandrum. Trivandrum earns its name from the temple’s magnificent sculpture – Ananthashayanan Maha Vishnu, The Lord. The seven storey ‘gopuram in malayalam’ or head stone at the temple sports brilliant architecture and sculptures that speak more chapters of the Dravidian culture on Kerala architecture. The sacred pond in the compound and marvelous temple takes you back to 1700’s. The rules are very strict as only Hindus are allowed to enter the temple and only traditional costumes like ‘saree’ and ‘dhoti’ are allowed inside.

Veli Tourist Village

This is basically for children as huge crowd gathers every evening at this recreational village. Located away from the city, the green colored river offers water sport facilities like boating. Other major sights include a floating bridge, fishing activities, a garden, park, sheltered lagoon etc in the same premises.

Vizhinjam Rock Cut Cave Temple and Marine Aquarium

As the name says, this location is popular for the Vizhinjam Rock Cut Cave. The amazingly carved stone structure has within it a dexterously constructed temple. Many stunning sculptures showing the architecture adorn the temple complex and also the outer walls of the rock cave. Vizhinjam has been finalized as the spot for the project to generate electricity from wave energy. Another interesting spot is the fishing port.

CVN Kalari Sangam

This is a dedicated training centre for one of the traditional martial art form of Kerala called Kalaripayattu. On the other side there is a hospital which offers traditional ayurveda treatments. A small temple is also there in the same premises.

Neyyar Dam

– 32 kms away from the Thiruvananthapuram

Magnificent scenery around Neyyar dam and reservoir makes it very special. Boating along the reservoir is an excellent opportunity. Besides, added attractions include a lake garden and a swimming pool in the same area. Lion Safari, Crocodile Farm & a miniature wildlife sanctuary are also available.

Sivagiri Mutt

One of the popular pilgrim centre located on the banks of a canal in Varkala which is famous for the memorial built for Sri Narayana Guru, a social reformer & a spiritual leader of Kerala.

Janardana Swamy Temple

The Grand festival at the temple is very famous among localited and “Arattu” which is being held during March/April every year. During this time, one could watch grand processions, bright silk umbrellas, exquisite fans made from peacock feathers, grand processions etc.

Other Attractions

City also has a beautiful zoo with many wild animals and also a zoological Garden to be considered Asia’s best designed. Planetarium is located within the city limits with entry timings.

Others include a Natural History Musuem where one can find a model typical Kerala style “Nair” house made of wood. Adjacent to Musuem, is Puthen Maliga Palace. Sri Chitra Art Gallery located in the same premises has lot of painting works done by famous artists like Raja Ravi Varma & other works by Svetoslav & Nicholas Roerich.

Paintings belong to Rajput, Mughal & Tanjore schools. Many other items from abroad nations like Japan, Indonesia, Tibet and China are also displayed here. Besides, couple of other places like Sree Mahaganapathy Temple & Akkulam Boat Club is added attractions other than the above.

Transport Facility

Air : Trivandrum International Airport that is well connected to other major cities of India and the neighboring countries.

Rail : Trivandrum Central Railway Station connects to almost all states across India.

Road : Trivandrum is connected with Kollam (1 hours), Alappuzha (3 hours), Ernakulam (5 hours), Trichur (5 hours), Chennai (12 hours), Madurai (05 hours), and Pondicherry (11 hours) by road.