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01 Romantic Kerala Honeymoon Package for Couples

Kerala is a haven for newly married couples looking forward to a great honeymoon. Whether it’s the houseboats of Alleppey or the green hills of Munnar, Kerala has in store everything two people in love might need on their honeymoon. The Kerala honeymoon tour package is perfect for a short trip, about four-five days is enough to cover the majority of beautiful sightseeing locations in the state.

Kerala is a combination of the most diverse of sightseeing locations that include the cold, frosty hills of Munnar, national parks such as Periyar, Bandipur, and Eravikulam, a houseboat stay that will take you into the backwaters of the state.

02 Kerala Houseboat Honeymoon Tour

The houseboats of Alleppey are a perfect stay for a newly married couple looking forward to some solitude and quietness in the midst of everyday chaos. The houseboats are mini-houses, complete with a living room that’s actually the open area of the boat, and vast, spacious bedrooms furnished tastefully, complete with an attached washroom.

Some of the houseboats even have a terrace, where you can go and spend some quality time looking at the sunset. The best part of any Kerala honeymoon tour package is the one day stay at the houseboat. Come for your honeymoon in Kerala to unravel the beauty of this one day in the serene backwaters atop a houseboat

03 Alleppey Munnar and Wayanad Honeymoon Package

The three major areas that tourists visit for a great time in Kerala are Alleppey, Munnar, and Wayanad. Whether a family holiday or a honeymoon, these areas are always covered because of the popular tourist destinations they house. Alleppey is the land of backwaters and houseboats, offering you an amazing time sailing the backwaters.

Munnar offers you vast tea gardens, a surprisingly cold and moist weather that’s enjoyable, and Wayanad offers you an insight into wildlife because of the vast areas converted into national parks here. The most popular one, Periyar National Park is famous because of Lake Periyar, and the diversity in wildlife it offers you, definitely worth a visit.

04Kerala Honeymoon Tour Package with Flights

If you are coming from somewhere outside the state of Kerala, the best way to go for an economic package is to opt for a package that includes the to and fro flight to Cochin. It will be easier to hire a car or travel via train or bus from Cochin to other popular destinations in Kerala such as Munnar, Wayanad, and Alleppey.

The tour that has flights included reducing the cost a lot, giving you the flexibility to go for something more during the trip, indulge yourself in an ayurvedic spa or go for one of the more luxurious houseboats when choosing one for your one day tour of the backwaters of Alleppey.

05Kerala Honeymoon Package for 3 Nights 4 Days

The best way to see Kerala is to make a short trip and cover the most, packed in these three nights and four days. Design your itinerary such as you cover the most popular destinations in Kerala, that is, go for a houseboat ride in Alleppey, stay a day in Munnar, and a day at the Periyar National Park. Kerala offers you much more than just scenic beauty and a nice weather.

Touring the backwaters in a houseboat gives you a serene and calming experience, giving you an amazing time with nature. Periyar national park will give you an insight into the world of wildlife in India and various species that reside in the park. A short trip is all you need to see Kerala.

kerala honeymoon packages | Honeymoon

Top 15 Hill Stations in South India for Honeymoon Vacation

1- Munnar


Munnar, the toy-town hill station in the “God’s Own Country” – Kerala is an ideal honeymoon bliss. Untouched from the hustle and bustle of the routine clad life, it accounts for the most memorable time spent and the ultimate choice for the honeymoon holidays. It is known for its tea gardens, lakes, waterfalls and beautiful countryside. cheap honeymoon Packages Kerala The placid trails laid throughout this retreat are the best strolling paths ever taken. However, sipping a brew in small tea shops along the tea gardens and awe-inspiring viewpoints provide the great aura to bond and fall in love over and over again.

2- Ooty


Ooty is just what the doctor ordered if you are looking for the perfect honeymoon destination. Assorted with many cosy cottages, lodges, hotels and restaurants, it is flooded with many honeymooners from various parts of the world. It offers several adventures filled activities like angling, hand gliding, trekking, etc. and provides a unique experience. Ooty is indeed a perfect place for the couples to finally break the ice, start their journey of life and cherish wonderful memories.

3- Idukki


Idukki is one of the most mesmerizing hill stations in South India. Laden with many sanctuaries, tea gardens and national park, it provides the perfect spice required to light up once married life. With its spice plantations and many aboriginal tribes, it provides a very unique essence in life. It is known for its panoramic viewpoints and the Idukki dam, which is world’s second and Asia’s first arch dam. The vista offered by the place is truly majestic. The best affair is the elephant safari that takes the visitors through the tea plantations and provides a unique stillness to let the magic of love begin.

4- Kodaikanal


This retreat in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu is appreciated as the princess of hill stations throughout the country. Kodaikanal is known for its breathtaking backdrops that certainly mesmerize you.  With many enchanting viewpoints and the majestic Kodaikanal Lake filled with water lilies, gives the opportunity to enjoy the Bollywood romantic duets. It is one of the famous honeymoon destinations of South India.

5- Coorg

coorgReferred to as the Scotland of South by the British, Coorg is definitely the place meant for the newlyweds. With its unique style of wedding rituals where instead of the priests, the elderly commence the errands. It is one place where the green of the flora soars high and get mixed with the white and grey. The most amazing part is the morning that truly enthrals the couples.

6- Coonoor


Coonoor is known for its picnic spots that go hand in hand with the tea gardens. The lush flora doesn’t help in keeping track of time while strolling through the hill station. It is famous for its multitude of gardens that adore many species of flowers evergreen plants and trees. The green slopes are the most captivating part of the hill stations as you could see many couples sitting, relaxing and engulfing the beauty of this hill station during their honeymoon vacation.

7- Devikulam


The less crowded Devikulam hill station is the perfect retreat for the newlyweds.  The presence of a sacred lake – Sita Devi is the main attraction, not because of its sacredness but because of the abundance of minerals in its water. The hill station is biodiversity-rich, and being close to many popular hill stations, it offers many sightseeing options than any other hill station in Kerala.

8- Araku Valley


It is the most magnificent location in Andhra Pradesh. The mesmerizing serene valley comprises of many hills, undulating meadows, pompous orchards, which adds to the pleasant weather that prevails all year round. It is truly a very special place to visit with that someone special. It is compulsory to carry a picnic box, as it enhances the pleasure while unfolding the countryside. The famous limestone Borra caves provide a new side of nature. Buying old silver from tribal surely promises a reminiscent memory.

9- Yercaud


Yercaud is a hill station situated in Tamil Nadu. It is famous for its unique topography that completely sweeps you of your feet. The hill station based in the Shevaroy Hills of Eastern Ghats and it is mostly visited by the honeymooners. The place is filled with the lakes, waterfalls, parks and many colonial buildings. The temperature never exceeds 30 degrees; although the adjoining areas of the hill station are hot and dry. The couples enjoy the breathtaking vistas with occasional drizzling.

10- Ananthagiri Hills


Apart from being one of the only three hill stations in Andhra Pradesh, Ananthagiri Hills provide the vista of hills joshing with the clouds. It is the splendid summer retreat in Andhra and one of the pollution free hill stations of India. Rich in minerals and salubrious environment, it vouches for a captivating landscape that just ceases everything and enchants a melody of love on the honeymooners.

11- Kotagiri


The ultimate destination for the wanderlust struck duet, Kotagiri is the oldest hill station of the Nilgiri trio Ooty, Coonoor and Kotagiri. Its weather is incomparable and the environment is salubrious.  The evergreen Longwood Forest is one of a kind refuge for anyone who wants a little seizure of stillness and natural splendour. The brilliance in holding hand and walking miles is better explained by visiting this marvel of nature in the Blue Mountains.

12- Kudremukh


Mother Nature has her own ways to make people appreciate. Kudremukh is a horse face shaped peak that is located in the Chikkamagaluru district in Karnataka.   The rolling mountains, pristine rivers and lakes mesmerize the visitors. It is laden with ores and rich biodiversity, which is hard to find. Away from the mishmash of the concrete and smog, this destination will definitely enchant a tune that triggers a never-ending connection. Meant not only for the honeymooners but for nature enthusiasts as well, it is a must-visit destination during your South India tour.

13- Nandi Hills


Nandi hills also known as ‘Hill of Happiness’ nestled in Karnataka. It is flooded with a lot of lovebirds all round the year. Nandi has many myths and legends related to its name. It is one place near Bangalore that provides the ultimate silence one needs to ignite the spark in his or her new life. Filled with many viewpoints, forts and fortress that hold historic value, the hill station is surely a delight to the eyes.

14- Panchgani


Panchgani is famous as the Mecca of Maharashtra. The hill station is replete with luxuriant farms, deep crevasses; sparse hamlets mixed with mesmerizing and isolated areas are an absolute delight for the newlyweds. It provides an essential quite time for the couples.  There are many archaeological and geological sites that make one perform the Di Caprio and Roberts cameo from Titanic.

15- Ponmudi

Illustrated as the Golden Peak of Kerala, Ponmundi finds its name in the list of one of the top honeymoon sites in South India. Consisting of lavish tea estates, twisted trails, display of mountains and species of butterflies, it is one of the places you should jolt on your honeymoons destination. The entire landscape is thrilling daunted with dense forests, waterfalls, and various trekking trails. The honeymoon is the time when actually the newlyweds do get time to know each other better. All through late night talks and secret meetings do take place before getting hitched, but the couples get to know each other well during the honeymoon. You might have seen a lot of these places while you spent your holidays in South India, but when you are there with someone special, everything seems different and dragging you close to each other.

Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations In South India | Honeymoon Tours Kerala

Kerala Honeymoon Packages | Honeymoon Tours Kerala


Known for its scenic beauty, Munnar is the idyllic honeymoon destination. The beauty of this place in ‘God’s Own Country’ cannot be portrayed in a single canvas. The streams, hills, mist, waterfalls, tea gardens, and the valleys will cast a spell on everyone who visits this place. Kerala Honeymoon Packages There are numerous hotels and resorts offering great packages for couples. Eravikulam National Park, Anamudi Peak, Mattupetty, Pallivasal, Chinnakanal & Anayirangal and Tea museum are among the top tourists’ attractions here.

Nandi Hills

This place popularly called the ‘hills of happiness’. Nandi Hills is the perfect amalgamation of scenic beauty and historic sites. Kerala Honeymoon Packages Spending quality time under the clear blue sky with cool breeze amidst rich mountain valley, fascinating scenic beauty and picturesque location with your partner will undoubtedly be a rejuvenating experience. Bull temple, Bheemeshwari wildlife sanctuary, Cubbon Park, Bangalore Palace, Lal Bagh gardens are some of the prime attractions here.


The ‘Scotland of India’ is the ideal retreat for the honeymooners which let you step seamlessly into a tranquil and pleasant world with your better half. The dazzling scenic beauty, alluring mountains, aromatic coffee gardens and picturesque location make this place a perfect honeymoon destination in South India.


Planning your honeymoon in a beach town like Kovalam, where beauty meets luxury can be a superb idea. Kovalam is better known for its beaches and the calm waters. Here one can just enjoy swimming, sunbathing or go for body massages. The pleasures this ‘paradise of South India’ offers is not just confined to swimming, sightseeing and lip-smacking food, one can also go for various adventurous sports like parasailing, windsurfing, water diving.


In this refined place, honeymooners can wallow in bliss. The place offers a wide variety of flora, wildlife sanctuary and breathtaking landscapes. Here one can go for fishing and boating, along with sightseeing experience. The place is also known for its houseboats and backwaters. It’s a tranquil space for the newlywed couple to know each other.

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5 Romantic Honeymoon destinations in South India | Kerala Honeymoon Packages

Cheap honeymoon package Kerala | Honeymoon Tours Kerala


Let’s begin with the most popular one- Ooty! Nestled in Tamil Nadu, the state known as the land of art and culture, Ooty is a picturesque hill station situated in the middle of four mountain peaks. Mountains, with their sweet chilly weather and spectacular landscapes, are an ideal place for honeymooners and Ooty tops the chart. Kerala Honeymoon Packages The toy train that chugs in the hills only adds to the charm of the erstwhile British resort town situated at a height of 7500 feet above the sea level.

Mountains, gardens, waterfalls, coffee and tea plantations offer a treat to the eyes and soul and lend a romantic backdrop to the vacation. Cosy resorts like Fern Hill and Elk Hill offer a comfortable stay and memorable experience, perfect for a honeymoon couple!


Almost parallel to hill stations, if not higher, in the list of popular honeymoon destinations, are beaches. The sand and the sun are a ‘never-fail’ recipe for a great vacation but if you are on a honeymoon, you might want to stay away from busy beach destinations and opt for quieter, less populated ones.

One such destination is Karwar – a small beach town around 50 kilometres from Goa. Kerala Honeymoon Packages The place offers beaches just as picturesque as Goa but without the associated hustle and bustle. Just what makes a perfect honeymoon destination!

Stay at Emerald Bay and explore this lesser-known but very beautiful beach destination.



Not everyone looks for the mountains or beaches. The more adventurous ones who seek proximity to nature can choose to spend their honeymoon in the lap of nature, amidst vast spice plantations and a tropical forest that abounds with elephants and other wildlife. The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary extending over 300 square miles offers an unparalleled experience of beholding wildlife from close quarters. Kumily, Murikkady and Pandikuzhi are other nearby tourist destinations.

Stay at Woods and Spice, a delightful resort at the fringes of the Sanctuary that is constructed in such a way that it blends into the surroundings and make the guests experience a stay in the wilderness.


If exquisite and unique is what defines your travel taste, Dindi is the place for you. Never heard of it? All the better! This peaceful and unexplored riverside destination is an amazing place to detoxify your mind from the craziness of city life and rejuvenate your senses. The backwaters create an enigmatic environment for a boat ride to neighbouring villages – a cruise unlike another. Even the air is free of pollution in this quaint little riverside town which lies around 80 kilometres from Rajahmundry in Andhra Pradesh.

By the Godavari, Resort offers cosy and comfortable rooms along with the facilities of spa, swimming pool and bar. Just the ideal place to enjoy a relaxing honeymoon with your partner!



If Dindi appealed to you, Anaikatti would do too. Known popularly as ‘Ooty’s little brother’, resting peacefully at the foothills of the Western Ghats is Anaikatti near Coimbatore, which literally translates to ‘a herd of elephants’. Needless to say, the place abounds with elephants. It is host to a wide variety of flora and fauna and is famous for treks and the delectable tea served across its expanse.

Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and Salim Ali’s Centre of Ornithology are the famous tourist attractions in its vicinity.

By the Siruvani is a much sought after resort with pinewood accommodation and offers an array of facilities like swimming pool, spa, fitness centre and activity centre to make your stay a memorable one.

The choices are so good that they truly confusing, I agree. Believe me, choose any- you won’t regret your choice! Complement your stay by choosing the remarkable Sterling Holidays resorts and indulge in the lap of luxury, in the arms of your loved one.